Penis enlargement is not just a piece of cake. It need your effort and persistence. But more importantly, you will need a professional instructor to help you achieve good results. We offer one-to-one after-sale service to our members via telephone, member forum, on-line chatting software and face-to-face instruction.

Main services


If you meet problems when you exercise, you can call your designated privite coach for help. If you don't make progress after a month's effort, you also need to contact us for help.

member forum

On our member forum, you can read tips written by other members. You can also ask questions there. But in recent years, most of our members prefer to communicate via chatting software as QQ.

chatting software

We have some chatting rooms on a popular chatting software canlled QQ. The biggest one holds 2000 members. If you want to join us, you need to become our member, then install QQ on your PC or mobile phone. QQ has the following version: English,French,Japanese, Korean, German and Spanish. Click here to download it. Our group number with 2000 members is 140891015. Most members in it are Chinese. Our English service QQ is 610971207.

face-to-face instruction

This service is only available to VIP members. We can give face-to-face directions to our VIP members.